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This large turnip was grown in the rich, dark soil at All Season’s Garden Soils.

All Season’s Garden Soils owner Mr. Sydney Slight says that the proof is in the pudding.  In his soil, he has grown large vegetables, and he can tell customers his secret – it’s about the way the soil is made.  Whether you are just starting to build your home or landscaping your entire property, All Season’s Garden Soils is the perfect place for your needs.  With the following types of soil, much of it created on our own property from its natural surroundings, we can accommodate nurseries, landscapers and even those who garden as a hobby.

Turnip greens are beautiful and happy when grown using All Season's Garden Soil.

Turnip greens are beautiful and happy when grown using All Season’s Garden Soil.

Why visit a chain store when soil is available to you locally and at a much better price.  Call us to compare before you buy, and we will show you why our product is simply … better for your needs and your wallet.

  • Fill Dirt
  • Red Clay
  • Brown Clay
  • Garden Soil
  • Potting Soil
  • Screened Topsoil

We also have other landscaping supplies ready for purchase.  Call for details.

The Process

Begins with Solid Wood
Through the machine to break
down the product and
separate waste.
For pick-up or delivery.

Soil testing

Soil tests can be provided upon request. We have successfully developed three kinds of compost-garden soils. Our soils do not have any chemical fertilizer. We test the soils 12-24 months after we acquire them to ensure quality.

  1. Compost-light sand-manure-peat moss. General use: raised beds – any kind of landscape or vegetable use. It has a little more kick than the other mixes.
  2. Compost- approx. 15 to 20 percent sand-topsoil. Developed mainly for irrigated beds – low lying beds. It allows the water to dissipate faster to prevent root rot.
  3. Compost in General: Screened pine bark and decomposed vegetation. Good for all purpose use very high quality material.
  4. Top Soil: Our top soil is collected months before processing to kill wild grasses – weeds and undesirable objects. Then it is screened to rid it of sticks and trash. Soil tests can be provided. Extremely good for spreading over new lawn areas to provide a good base and nutrients for seeding or sodding.
  5. River sand – we can provide soil test when requested.